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The  magnificent Taihang Mount looks like an endless gallery, standing in Shenzhou earth and separating Henan province apart from Shanxi province. 
        Standing in the forefront of reform, Jingang group spreads the glory and brilliance of Shanxi with the hot steel flow.
        Towards the morning glow of the new era, Jingang group was founded in 2002 and then developing and flourishing with the attentions from all sectors of the society.
How time flies,the group is greeting the twelfth year of its own.
Market has no mercy, but people do have. Through indomitable struggles, Jingang people’s vision of establishing a high quality infrastucture steel base in North China  has preliminary come into being.
        Keeping up with the times,seeking for new beginnings. I believe, through the hard and unrelenting work of  Jingang people, in the second decade, the group will achieve its goal of finding a economical and sustainable way for the conventional industry and establishing modern enterprise management system in advance.
        Jingang people insist on the idea─“to struggle then win ” and will insist on it forever.
        To be excellent, we must suffer the labor of our bones......
        Therefore, we shall bear more responsibilities, perfect and go beyond ourselves constantly.
        Jingang people always share sorrows and pleasures together. The core culture Jingang people observing is simple but firm and support the Jingang culture to be healthy and perfect, at the same time, promote the economy develop rapidly.
        The glory of the history are still shining, meanwhile, a new ray is flowering.
        During the 12th five-year plan, Jingang group shall take the viewpoint of scientific development as the guideline, accelerate the transformation of development pattern and technical transformation to rank in the forefront in respect of processing equipment, innovation ability and management system so as to build a both resource-effective and eco-friendly enterprise.
         A seeker will never stop on the explored way.
         Having the overall situation in mind, Jingang group will forge ahead with determination and develop new brilliance in Shanxi province. 
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